This is where we will answer the most commonly asked questions that we receive throughout the year.  We will update this as often as necessary to provide you with the information you need regarding our Christmas Tree Farm.

When Do You Open?

We typically open the first Friday after Thanksgiving. For the 2024 Season, we will be opening on November 29.  Our hours are 9am-4pm.

When do you stop selling trees for the Christmas season?

Our last day of operations is typically December 20 at 4pm.  However, depending on the demand we may have to close earlier due to available inventory.

What days are you open?

We will typically be open Friday through Sunday every week until the 20th of December.  We also have limited availability Monday through Thursday, but this is by appointment only by calling 503-662-2232.

Do I have to bring my own tree saw?

You can if you want, however, we provide everything you need to enjoy your Christmas Tree cutting experience. From tree saws, tree carriers, netting for your trees - we've got it here for you!  Chainsaws of any kind are not permitted in the fields.

Can you deliver?

Although it is not our preference to deliver Christmas Trees, if you need us to we will deliver within a 15-mile radius for a minimum fee of $40. The final price will be determined at the time of order.

What else can I get at the Oak Hills Family Tree Farm?

You can get any number of memorabilia there, along with Christmas boughs, custom-made wreathes,  candles, signs, and other specialty items in our pop-up store.